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About us


The Nova Scotia Home Education Association’s purpose is to promote the awareness of home education within the province of Nova Scotia, help safeguard the legal rights for home education families, and represent our member families at the local and provincial levels of government.

The Nova Scotia Home Education Association (NSHEA) is an inclusive group and represents all home educators in Nova Scotia supporting all styles and approaches to home education. Together, we can be seen as one voice safeguarding the rights of all home educators in the province.

As home educators, we choose to work independently to educate our children. Unification as a group is important so we are up-to-date on changes in the province which might affect our ability and freedom to home educate. Standing as a group means we can make positive changes to home education and be ready to take action if needed. Being organized is important in these pursuits.

Registered Non-Profit

The Nova Scotia Home Education Association is a registered non-profit provincial association and as such abides by and maintains bylaws according to the Societies Act. All board members participate on a volunteer basis.

We also accept donations at any time. All funds are used towards supporting home education in Nova Scotia. All funds raised go 100% towards running the organization.

Our Board

NSHEA runs exclusively with the hard work of volunteers who are deeply committed to supporting home education.

Our board members are also all volunteers. They’re committed to supporting all styles and approaches to home education.

Our executive board is elected annually from our membership. We're always looking for new members to join us on the board. Having more volunteers work with us allows us to offer even more opportunities to support and connect with home educators across Nova Scotia. Get in touch to see how you can help!

The board members for the 2022/2023 term are:

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Charlene Williams

First Chair

Charlene is a homeschool graduate living in Hants County, NS. She and her husband, James, work and learn from home along with their four eclectic girls. They enjoy the freedom and flexibility of their home educating lifestyle, and the wonderful opportunity to live and learn alongside their children.

As First Chair, Charlene liaises on behalf of members with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and various related agencies. She’s responsible for organizing and ensuring the executive team is working together to meet all requirements set forth in our bylaws.

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Melanie Little


Melanie has been an active board member with NSHEA since 2014, when she began as secretary. A former elementary school teacher, it was only when she began to home educate her two children that she was fully able to facilitate learning in the way she’d learned in her B.Ed program – from a place of interest and relevance. While enjoying home educating for the past 14+ years, she has pursued independent educational research to inform a book she is writing on how humans learn best. Melanie is also co-founder of a local start-up supporting small independent businesses.