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Homeschooling Resources

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We know the challenges that come with home education. Finding resources can be hard. For some, the choice to homeschool is difficult and overwhelming. It can also be complicated by worries about the roles and rights of homeschooling parents. 

To help, we've put together this resource page. For example, you'll find links to more reading about homeschooling.

In addition to NSHEA, there are many other excellent resources. Don't leave your questions unanswered. Find the links below. Finally, reach out if you have more questions. We're happy to help!

We also have other resource pages:

NSHEA Facebook Page – Our Facebook page. Where you can learn about our events, for example.

Nova Scotia Department of Education – has detailed information about legal stuff. For example, all homeschoolers should be aware of the legisltation. Also check out:

Homeschooling in Nova Scotia is a page Kimberly Charron. It has homeschooling resources about Nova Scotia. She’s a mom of two homeschooled children.

Homegrown Homeschool Consignment Store sells new and gently used books and supplies.

Helping, Encouraging, Mentoring, Serving (HEMS) is a Halifax-based homeschool group. They organize homeschool swimming lessons, for example.

Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA) is a Canadian non-profit. They’re a membership-based organization. They offer legal support, insurance, and lots of resources.

The Canadian Homeschooler is a resource page with help for getting started.

More Facebook Links

We also have a page of Nova Scotia Facebook groups. Before going too far, be sure to join a support group or two. It's important to find community when homeschooling.

Before you go, don't forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date! 

Finally, are you actively homeschooling in Nova Scotia? Consider becoming a member to help us support other home educators in Nova Scotia.